This ring can be stacked or worn alone to provide the perfect gold accent to any outfit. Handmade out of brass by artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Nano-coated brass. Available in Gold.

  • Ethical jewellery with a modern design using traditional techniques
  • Made with paper-beads and brass by artisans from Uganda and Indonesia respectively. 
  • You are part of providing dignified job opportunities and changing someone's life. Thank you!



Everything you buy either has a positive or negative impact in the world.

Everything has a supply chain, and every supply chain has real people behind it. If the price tag of an item is too low, there’s a high chance someone along the way wasn’t paid or treated fairly. A decade ago, few consumers gave this a second thought, but we’re proud to be one of the pioneers to pave the way for ethical products, and we’re even more excited you’re reading this right now –chances are you wandered on our site because you care too.

We combined our love for people, fashion, design and travel to create accessories and home goods that drive meaningful change in the world. Our products are thoughtfully designed and ethically made. We collaborate with some of the most skilled artisans around the world by providing

them with dignified job opportunities and giving them access to the global market. Paying fair and sustainable wages to our artisans is just the beginning of what we do. We believe in providing safe and joyful working conditions, a family-like atmosphere, and an environment where every artisan feels known. We believe quality work is a result of artisans who are being cared for as individuals. In a nutshell, we believe how your stuff is made matters.

We called the company 31 Bits because Proverbs 31 describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family using her gifts and talents.  Oh, and the “bits” comes from our original and bestselling jewellery that uses beads made out of "bits" of paper!



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