Amethyst Crystal Infusion™ Water Bottle



Known as a soothing stone, amethyst can promote calmness, intuition, and creativity. It’s good for mental health. “We recommend drinking this crystal elixir before sleep as a way to easily see your dreams as clear answers to questions or issues in your waking life,” the Glace founders say.

紫水晶石具有刺激心靈,增強個人創造力和激情的能力。 能夠促進平衡,紫水晶石幫助帶走消極的,不受歡迎的想法,並將它們轉化為積極的,充滿愛的能量。 紫水晶為心靈提升向更高的意識狀態及直覺。

To enhance positivity, consciousness and intuition. 

The Amethyst stone holds the ability to stimulate the mind and enhance one's creativity and passions.  Highly desired for its ability to promote balance, the Amethyst stone takes negative, unwanted thoughts and transforms them into positive, loving energy. The amethyst allows the mind to open up to a higher state of consciousness an intuition.

Best for

  • Meditation 冥想
  • Peace 和平
  • Guiding intuition 引導直覺
  • Enhancing creativity 增強創造力


  • Natural Amethyst Gemstone
  • Approx 550 ml Glass water bottle
  • Stainless steel cap and base
  • The glass bottle is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a black neoprene bottle cover

Our Crystal Infusion™ water bottles are intended for water only. Preferably filtered water

Please note that as our gemstones are natural, each stone may slightly vary in shape, size and colour.

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