"What engaging me to commence with this due to a passion to understand the relationship among daily products that we have been using and the ultimate impacts to our health and the environment."


Ruby, founder of No.2 Organics and certified LEED GA based in Hong Kong. She founded No.2 Organics in 2015, an ethical brand with the consciousness of ecological and social sustainability. No.2 stands for ecological balance, one’s inner balance, and harmony between humans and the surroundings. She believes ecologically unethical choices eventually come back to us in the form of polluted food and water.

“There are alternatives nowadays that are cheaper, easier but synthetic to fulfil our needs, however, when we choose toxic and chemical based products, they go through the water system and unfortunately some of the toxic and chemical can never be filtered and it becomes water pollution. The effects of this pollution can damage life in the ocean and freshwater, which continues up the global food chain. We are exposed to high levels of many toxicants through foods, health problems include skin damage, problems with the circulatory system, and an increased risk of cancer."

We support formulations are biodegradable and grey water safe. You will feel confident that what you’re using is not going to damage our rivers, animals and plant life once it heads down the drain. The products that we selected are grey water safe because of the gentle, plant-based nature of products, water waste generated after use of products will not harm or cause build up on your plants and gardens. 

No.2 wishes to enhance public awareness of choosing products in a sustainable way, to our body, the environment and our next generation. They believe that quality natural products should be available to everyone and therefore No.2 Organics is established as a place housing only the ethical, ecologically-friendly but affordable beauty & daily alternatives for people.

Our products are -
• Ecological and Social Sustainability
• Toxic-free
• Cruelty-free
• Fairtrade
• Affordable in general but no compromised quality