Rose Quartz Crystal Infusion™ Bottle


Rose Quartz

This soft pink quartz is all about emotion. Drinking a rose quartz elixir can help promote forgiveness and communication. And it can invite love and compassion into your life. “The presence of rose quartz has the ability to make its surrounding environment feel like a completely open and safe space,” the Glace founders say. Use a rose quartz elixir to let go, forgive yourself and others, and open yourself to healthy love.


“玫瑰石英的存在使其周圍環境感覺像一個完全開放和安全的空間,原諒自己和他人,讓自己開啟健康的愛情。玫瑰石英是心靈的石頭,因其能夠促進無條件的愛,深深的同情和善良而受到高度重視。 玫瑰石英打開了心臟,增強了自愛和自我接納的能力。 這塊寶石也有能力促進別人對愛的吸引力。


To promote love and peace 

The Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and is highly valued for its ability to promote unconditional love, deep compassion and kindness. The rose quartz opens up the heart to enhance one's ability to self-love and self-acceptance. This precious stone also holds the ability to promote the attraction of love from others.

Best for

  • Bring inner healing and self-love 帶來內心的治愈和自愛
  • Attracting love 吸引愛 
  • Peace 和平
  • Strengthens relationships 加強關係
  • Tranquillity 寧靜
  • Comes with a black neoprene bottle cover 

PLEASE NOTE- Due to the nature of our product, our Rose Quartz can range from being very pale and light in colour, too many shades of pink. We can not exchange bottles based on colour shade preference.

Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone

Glass water bottle to fit between 500-550 ml

Stainless steel cap and base

Glass bottle is dishwasher safe

Please note that as our gemstones are natural, each stone may slightly vary in shape, size and colour.

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