WANT the body oil


Say hello to lustre skin. This uplifting body oil is quickly absorbed and permeates deep into the skin, keeping it supple and sealing in the much-needed moisture. 

Baobab Oil 可滋養和改善皮膚彈性,舒緩乾燥的皮膚。猴麵包樹油可以治療由於ω3,6和9脂肪酸導致的濕疹和牛皮癬等受損,改善乾燥和發癢的皮膚狀況。 它是一種潤膚劑,可提供水合作用,但同時不會堵塞毛孔。

Kukui油富含多不飽和酸,可滋潤肌膚,防止水分流失,這就是為什麼它讓皮膚感覺如此柔滑觸感 - 但不是那麼油膩,有助於妊娠紋和疤痕

Baobab (adansonia digitata) oil**, kukui (aleurites moluccanus) oil** and orange (citrus sinensis) oil*

*Certified organic 
**Fair trade

No synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances.
Use this body oil on towel dry skin, while it is warm and moist, right after a shower. Massage all over the body and allow the oil to dry for a few minutes before dressing. Pat dry with a towel to remove any excess body oil.  

Always do a skin patch test in case of allergy.
Store away from heat.



By purchasing Want Skincare you're empowering marginalised women in Indonesia through skill education, as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

Unskilled women are open to manipulation, such as prostitution, trafficking, and slave labour. An unskilled woman will earn around USD 70 per month, compared to approximately USD 200 if skilled. (Unskilled men usually earn around USD 150.) Financially challenged women are expected to give most of their salary back to their poor families, leaving little for their future development and livelihood.

Unskilled women get pregnant earlier and have more children than their educated peers, continuing the poverty cycle and also producing more orphaned children. Unskilled women face a gender bias, with most families prioritizing their boys to go to school if they have limited resources.

How you can Assist

Bali WISE removes the barriers preventing disadvantaged Indonesian women to access further education and secure work. With a six-month intensive course providing free education in English, Bahasa Indonesia, IT, hospitality and business skills, it has helped to place more than 800 women in gainful employment since 2012 and will train 120 disadvantaged women this year.

The program focuses on business and vocational skills, especially for the hospitality sector. Partnerships with hotels and companies provide on-site work experience. There is a high demand for graduates, with more than 87% finding full-time employment within three months.

Besides this six-months Skills Education course, Bali WISE provides an allowance of  USD 50 per month, so students can send money home, accommodation, 3 meals per day, uniforms, and educational resources.


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